Worship is the central event in our faith journey every week.

Please join us at 10:30 AM on Sunday Mornings for an inspiring and fun worship event for the whole family.

Worship is the central expression of our faith community each week. Worship is where our mission begins and where we return to celebrate what God has done through our discipleship Worship is the eternal work of God's people. When the Kingdom of God has come in its fullness there will be no need for study or service or the other important facets of discipleship -- we will spend eternity loving and worshiping God. In worship we spend time with God and revel in His presence.

Worship at First UMC is rooted in the past and present but reaches toward eternity. There are two centers in worship: Word and Table. The ministry of the Word consists in hearing God's call upon our lives through scripture, children's time and preaching, and even hymns and anthems with teaching themes. In our worship we respond to this call by our singing, our praying, our giving, our witness and our commitment to God's work in our world.

The ministry of the Table is our ultimate response to the call of the Word. We come together at communion to remember God's acts in Jesus' death and resurrection which gain our salvation and entitle us to a place in the everlasting kingdom. Communion becomes for us a foretaste of the eternal banquet we will share with Christ in the world to come. In communion we are also reconnected and joined to one another as the body of Christ here on earth. Worship equips us to go into the world to serve God.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not forbid them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven." Luke 18:16 Children and youth are important to us here at First Church and we include them in our Sunday service. Youth especially often serve as liturgists, ushers, communion servers and members of our choir.

Following worship we invite everyone to a time of
refreshment and fellowship in the Fellowship Hall.